A quick thankyou to you and your friendly team.

It has been a year since we started working together and our accounts have never looked better, Xero is always up to date, AR is under control and constantly monitored, expenses are paid fortnightly with payroll and our SLI data input takes 15 minutes….  I could go on.  All these improvements are thanks to the Rosy team, and I am constantly impressed by your knowledge of ConnectWise Manage, Wise-Sync and MSP businesses in general.

James Dickons , Vantage Networks
“Rosy Bookkeeping has helped me set up my small business. Their thorough, prompt service and attention to detail has saved me so much time. I highly recommend this service.”
Louisa, Lu La Belle Studio
“Prior to Rosy my debtor’s days were around 50-60 days, now has now dropped to 20 days. This means more money in my business account that I can use, not sitting in a customer’s bank
account. I now feel like I could not live without Rosy.”
Alex, National IT
Tim was showing Rosy to one of his associates, who said “They seem pretty expensive, you could get someone inhouse for that”
To which Tim replied “They’re worth their weight in gold, there’s no way I’m getting rid of them, and an in-house person wouldn’t know what they were doing relatively speaking, and would need a heap of training”

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