Our expertise.

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About Us

Why do our clients use our services?

  • To keep accurate financials so you can make informed business decisions

  • Free you from day to day admin tasks so you can focus on growing your business

  • Access to a wide range of different expertise and skills

  • Ability to benefit from our best practice processes, so you don’t have to reinvent how the admin department should operate

  • To gain a fresh perspective on Managed Service Provider best practices from a business perspective

  • We are contractors and do not form part of staff counts for payroll tax or Workcover purposes

  • We have built in redundancy in our team and therefore we are able to provide services to your business every business day in Australia. No more delayed replies to clients because ‘the accounts person was on leave’.

Who we help.

IT service providers
Professional services
Companies who have 1 finance admin staff member that has left the company

Typical tasks we perform.

  • Accounts Payable
    • Weekly report and payment services provided
  • Accounts Receivable
    • Creating and issuing invoices from ConnectWise Manage
      • Monthly agreements
      • Ah Hoc billing (down payments, credit memo’s etc)
    • Email reminders and telephone calls for overdue debtors
    • Assist with general invoice queries and flag others to internal team members for resolution
    • Statements sent
    • Review and maintain accurate debtor list between Xero and CW
  • Purchase order received in ConnectWise Manage (upon receipt of scanned delivery docket or other receipt confirmation).
  • Complete Wise-Sync and Wise-Pay management.
    • We sync your file daily and troubleshoot any issues in both systems.
    • Liaise with Wise-Sync support as required.
    • Configured GL setup tables
    • Sync invoices, inventory/procurement and client payments
  • Reconciliation of all bank accounts in Xero (including attaching documentation into Xero as we go)
  • Daily monitoring of accounts’ email inbox (liaise with suppliers and clients on your behalf). 
    • This daily check can also be completed using an existing ConnectWise accounts/admin service board.
  • Fortnightly or monthly WIP meetings via Microsoft teams

What our clients say.

“Rosy Bookkeeping has helped me set up my small business. Their thorough, prompt service and attention to detail has saved me so much time. I highly recommend this service.”
Louisa, Lu La Belle Studio
“Prior to Rosy my debtor’s days were around 50-60 days, now has now dropped to 20 days. This means more money in my business account that I can use, not sitting in a customer’s bank
account. I now feel like I could not live without Rosy.”
Alex, National IT
Tim was showing Rosy to one of his associates, who said “They seem pretty expensive, you could get someone inhouse for that”
To which Tim replied “They’re worth their weight in gold, there’s no way I’m getting rid of them, and an in-house person wouldn’t know what they were doing relatively speaking, and would need a heap of training”

How does it work?

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